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About Living Word International Ministry.

Postal Address

Living Word International Ministry
75 Elmhurst Road,
BH22 0DG

Our Identity (Name)

There are many Christian organisations that use 'Living Word' in their name and these should not be confused with 'Living Word International Ministry' and our website www.lwim.org.uk.

How Living Word Ministry International Began.

Living Word International Ministry was raised up by our Lord Jesus Christ in 1993 to not only spread the Gospel message to the lost, but to teach the whole of our Scripture from Genesis to Revelation, just as it was spoken (and later written) and believed by the disciples of Jesus and the early Christians. 

For the first five years Living Word Ministry was a mobile Christian Outreach Mission with an extensive library of video and audio tapes which served the local community. In 1998 the Lord called the Ministry to make available its own recordings of good sound Bible teaching, and when brethren from other countries began to call upon it the Ministry became 'International'.

Today, it is still doing the same work in obedience to the original 'calling to "Feed My Sheep" and "Build Up My church", to stand firm against the perils of opposition and compromise, to support and guide the lost, those Christians who are disillusioned, confused and bewildered and drowning in a sea of contradiction, apathy and entertainment, and lack of teaching; to assist the hungry to lay a good sound Biblical foundation and grow into maturity with confidence, gaining a good knowledge of the Scriptures and the purposes of God.

How We Operate

Living Word International Ministry remains a NON-SALARIED (voluntary) NON-PROFIT making work and service for both David Butler and Jo Marshall, who are responsible for the video recordings. Others too are faithful in their giving of time and service for expansion of the work and supporting it financially and in prayer.

What We Do

Living Word International Ministry records in the south of England for Prophetic Witness Movement International (PWMI) covering its annual convention in Bournemouth and its local monthly meetings from September to April.

Living Word International Ministry is supportive of Israel and the Jewish brethren and makes recordings for the Society for Distributing Hebrew Scriptures as also part of our annual programme covering their Northern and Southern Conferences.

Living Word International Ministry also records for Bournemouth Bible School which is under the directorship of Dr Don Hender, who is also a Vice President of Prophetic Witness Movement International - see PWMI.


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